Several of PS&R’s field technicians have either a degree in engineering, geology or a related field, which gives us the edge over some of our competitors. In addition, our field technicians hold numerous certifications including: Troxler, ACI, NECEPT and NICET. We also have an AWS Certified Welding Inspector on staff to complete structural steel inspections.nuclear densometer Our team of trained, experienced field technicians take a “hands-on”, proactive approach to providing construction monitoring and material testing services. This approach allows us to resolve construction issues promptly as they arise, in order to meet construction schedules without unnecessary additional costs. For each construction monitoring project, an appointed project engineer/manager selects one of our trained, certified, and experienced field technicians for the field monitoring portion of the work. The field technician coordinates with the project superintendent and/or contractor foreman to schedule site visits to ensure that all of the work is performed in accordance with the applicable project drawings and specifications. When necessary, the field technician will provide recommendations to the contractors to correct any deficiencies that are observed. Site visits are documented in daily field reports detailing the work completed and summarizing all of the test results. The project engineer/manager is frequently in communication with the field technician, reviews all of the daily field reports and is routinely available to provide additional recommendations when technical solutions are required.


  • Field Testing of Soil, Concrete, Asphalt and Masonry
  • Soil Compaction Testing and Inspection
  • Surface Bearing Capacity Evaluation
  • Rebar Reinforcing Inspection
  • Floor Flatness Testing

Construction Monitoring and Testing Services

  • Concrete Vapor Emission Testing
  • Proofrolling Inspection
  • Concrete and Asphalt Coring
  • Fireproofing Inspection
  • FDR Monitoring and Testing
  • Structural Steel Inspections