The Full-Depth-Reclamation Process

  • A specially designed reclaiming machine pulverizes the existing asphalt pavement along with a pre-determined amount of the roadways underlying base material to eliminate crack patterns and form a new, homogeneous stabilized road base.
  • Special additives, such as asphalt emulsion, lime, calcium chloride, Portland cement, or Fly Ash are often blended with the pulverized materials to further strengthen and stabilize the road base.
  • The new base is shaped by a motor grader to the proper profile and compacted.
  • The new asphalt surface treatment or wearing course is added

The Benefits of Full-Depth-Reclamation

  • 100% of existing road material is re-used.
  • No road material is exported from the project site to be land-filled or discarded as backfill.
  • No need to import aggregates or other materials thus saving fuel.
  • Minimal impact on adjacent roadways since the amount of construction vehicles is reduced to those delivering additives for the mixing and stabilization processes.
  • Weak, deteriorated, and unstable road bases are strengthened.
  • Cracking and rutting are eliminated.
  • Lower costs of reconstruction compared too many other processes.
  • High quality, durable road base materials, uniformly blended and shaped.